Um, Hi. Is this thing on?

I’m Tim. well, obviously, since this is my blog, and my name is on the top. It’s kind of a giveaway. So why am I here, and what’s this blog about? Well, I decided to write a novel. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve decided to tell you all about it. As it happens (or doesn’t).

So why would I want to do that? Well, I kind of wanted to for a long time. I’m a software developer by trade, but I’ve done plenty of technical writing in the past, from user manuals to magazine articles and even some technical books (thankfully, long out of print!). And in the early 90s I was editor of the ICPUG Journal, which was a 96 page technical journal published six times a year. But I haven’t written seriously in the realm of fiction (i.e., making stuff up). At least not deliberately.

Now I have to confess, we’re not coming in here quite at the beginning. I’ve already done what I’m going to amusingly call my “research” — mostly visiting a few places, taking pictures and going to pubs, I’ve built an outline and storyboards, and I’m about 7000 words into the first draft. So I kind know where I’m going, even if I’m not entirely sure how to get there.

So what’s it all about? In a sentence:

When a mysterious boy falls from the sky, sixteen year old Flick must save him, but doing so could cost not only her freedom but also her life…

The working title is: Kingsmen