Work In Progress Blog Tour

I’ve been invited by Andy Barrett to take part in a Work In Progress (WIP) blog tour. Andy is a real life CSI (or SOCO – Scenes Of Crime Officer – as they used to be called). Andy provided brilliant expert advice when I came to write my first major crime scene, and it’s no coincidence that my investigator character, Socko Garrett, has a very similar name. Andy is also a writer of outstanding gritty crime fiction. Please take a look at his blog, and his Amazon page.

There are three rules for this blog tour:

1. Link back to the post of the person who nominated you.
2. Write a little about and give the first sentence of the first three chapters of your current WIP
3. Nominate some other writers to do the same.

I have two WIPs on the go. One is Socko’s Keble Caper. This is the fourth spinoff Socko novella. A body has been found inside the top secret Keble Compound research facility. It’s an apparent suicide, but who is it? How did they get into the secure compound? And why?

Keble Compound was introduced in Socko’s First Fire (free and currently exclusive to members of my mailing list – see sidebar), and I’m sure it’ll crop up again!

The other WIP is Flick Carter book 3, currently called “Redacted” (because I’ve crossed out the title so many times!).

CAUTION! Here be spoilers for the end of Hunted!

At the end of book 2, we left much of Bristol devastated and in ruins, while our heroes, Flick, Shea and Lieutenant Dixon are held prisoner on a slave ship bound for who knows where. FC3 continues where Hunted left off.

Chapter 1.

Lance Corporal Socko Garrett stared dully at another mangled corpse, half buried in the exposed mud of low tide. ‘There’s another one!’ he shouted, waving and pointing.
Out in the middle of the river, two uniformed men in a large rowboat waved in acknowledgement, and the boat changed its course towards the far bank. Socko watched the boat for a moment before turning his attention back to scanning the shore. The twice-daily scouring of the river banks would continue until there were no more bodies to find.

Chapter 2.

Felicity Anne Carter screamed in the darkness. Her chest hurt like all the fires of hell had concentrated themselves in one spot. Being dead really sucked. After a few moments when nothing happened, she let her scream subside. Gradually she realised that she was lying on her back on something soft, like a bed. Only it was moving; rocking gently from side to side and up and down. Strange bed; maybe she wasn’t dead after all.

Chapter 3.

Shea stared at vague metallic shapes in the gloom. He knew that he was somewhere in the bowels of a ship, and the gentle sway of the deck told him the ship was moving. But where they were, he had no idea. He wasn’t even sure which way was the bow and which the stern—the pointy end and the blunt end, as Flick would have described it.

That’s it from me. It remains only to nominate two writers whose work I admire.

Marissa de Luna writes classy stories with a distinctly Goan feel. She has a new detective series in the offing featuring Detective Chupplejeep, and I can’t wait to read them.

Robin Triggs has written a brilliant series of thrillers set in a near-future research base in Antarctica. He just needs encouragement to press the “Publish” button…