White House Down

Certificate 12A, 2h 11m ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

This is the third time Roland Emmerich has destroyed the White House. First in Independence Day, then in 2012, and now in White House Down. The film stars Jamie Foxx as the US President, Channing Tatum as Cale, a single father Cop who is applying for a job in the US Secret Service. Along with his 11 year old video-blogger daughter played by Joey King, he goes to the White House for an interview. When he doesn’t get the job, Cale and daughter join a  tour group. Then, wouldn’t you know it, just as daughter wanders off for a pee, the White House is attacked by a bunch of paramilitary terrorists, led by white supremicist Stenz (Jason Clarke)

The film is more or less a carbon copy of April’s Olympus Has Fallen (okay that was North Koreans, but…) and you can pretty much guess the outcome from the first five minutes (can you say formulaic?). But people don’t go to this kind of movie for the plot or the drama, it’s for the smashy smashy, and there’s plenty of that. If you only want to see one blow up the white house movie this year, you’ve got a choice of two, but it’s hard to get up a lot of enthusiasm for either.

Stinger Missiles on the roof! 5/10

Go / No Go: Meh