The Town Hall

WIP of my 3d model of Faringdon town hall. The geometry is nearly complete, with texturing and the street setting still to do. 80% done, 80% left to do, as the saying goes… Downstairs is fitted out as a lockup, exactly as described in Wanted. (and yes, the “half-pin barrel hinge” trick does work on the cell door!)


Eventually there will be a sloping ground plane (up is towards the camera), which explains the lack of steps to the door.


You can see at the far side, that there’s actually a step down to the covered portico!


In the WANTED story, downstairs is fitted out as a lockup/jail (which was actually part of the original purpose of the building back in the 17th century)

The model will eventually be available for Poser & Daz3D, and will feature opening doors and windows, plus a choice of modern or post-apocalyptic lighting (i.e., electric or candles), and a selection of props.