The Dirty Streets of Heaven

The Dirty Streets of Heaven (Bobby Dollar, #1)The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams
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Bobby Dollar isn’t your average angel! Sure, he takes the occasional trip to Heaven, but his job as an advocate – arguing the fate of the recently deceased – keeps him pretty busy on Earth, and he’s more than happy to spend the rest of his time propping up the bar with his fellow immortals. Until the day a soul goes missing, presumed stolen by “the other side”.
A new chapter in the war between heaven and hell is about to open. And Bobby is right in the middle of it, with only a desirable but deadly demon to aid him.

This is the first Tad Williams novel I’ve read, and I really enjoyed it. Loved the gumshoe aspect to the story, and an interesting take on angels and demons, although there were quite a few seeming inconsistencies between the way heaven & hell operated, and their relative capabilities.

The narrator of the audiobook was brilliant , APART from his rendering of the Solihull sisters, who would appear never to have been anywhere near Birmingham in their entire lives. Just imagine they were called the San Antonio sisters, and they had Montreal accents… Well you get the picture. Otherwise, as I say it was pretty good.

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