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In the small town of Faringdon, a young girl is about to be hanged for a murder she didn’t commit. Socko Garret and Corporal Dan Barnes are sent on a mission to save the girl and investigate the crime. But when they arrive, things are not what they expected…

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In writing the spinoff Socko novelettes, I’ve inevitably had to address issues that have either already happened – or will happen – in the main Flick Carter novels. Characters that appear in one series must be consistent if they appear in the other. And already I have introduced new characters in the Socko stories that have gone on to appear in the “main series”. Colonel Stewart (the king’s bodyguard), and Babs Clegg of the Oxford City Watch to name just two.

Socko is several years older than Flick, and naturally his story starts before hers does. But at some point they are going to coincide, if for no other reason than that he appears in all three novels. And that means keeping track, not only of where I am in Socko’s timeline, but also where Socko is in Flick’s (and where all the other characters are too.)



There’s a killer on the loose and he’s after the princess.
Only seventeen year old Flick Carter stands in his way…

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★★★★★ Review for HUNTED

This second part of Tim Arnot’s Flick Carter series is an exciting ride. Flick is pursued by a black-clad figure seemingly out to assassinate her. She hears him enquiring after the Carters. Later she finds that friends of hers have been killed by this man she calls Black Ghost. She is forced to make a bargain with Princess Jessica which results in her erstwhile boyfriend Shea running away from her in disgust.

I enjoyed the pace of the story and meeting characters I liked from the previous book. Tim Arnot’s good people have flaws like the rest of us and his bad people are wonderfully hateful. Dialogue flowed well and there were new characters to love or hate. There’s mayhem at the end. I really need to read Book Three to see how it all pans out in this splendid series. An excellent read all round.

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