Day 5 update

Hunted: 85,500 words
Starstruck: 6,000 words

Sunday was pretty much of a write off, on all levels. I think really I needed to recharge the batteries. The movie I wanted to see at the cinema wasn’t even on at my local flea pit. I really hate it when they trail a movie for weeks on end, and then when it finally comes out they decide not to show it. Grrrr.

So anyway, I ended up watching the first two Twiglet films on blu ray, in advance of the last one coming out soon. (I haven’t actually seen any of them before or read the books, so it’s all new territory)

Yesterday, again I spent more time on Hunted. I’m working on the build up to the big third act showdown, and it’s coming along quite nicely (no spoilers). I did get in a few hundred words on Startstruck too, but it still leaves me behind on the word tally. Some catching up to do…

More anon. 🙂