Day 13 update

Starstruck: 12,800 words.

Still way behind, thanks to spending the extra effort on Hunted. But the lines of where I am and where I should be are starting to converge… slowly.

Things I’m taking away from this year’s nano:

  • Practice is good. I think this goes without saying – the only way you get to be a better writer is by writing more.
  • It takes time to “get into the groove”. I already knew this from hours spent staring at the keyboard  prevaricating, and doing anything, anything else instead (well almost anything: I didn’t stoop to horrible things like ironing or hoovering, obviously).
  • Once you’re in the groove… don’t stop! Obviously. See point 2.
  • I am *not* a “discovery” writer. Unless discovery is all about meandering digressions about space toilets cos I can’t think how to advance the plot (but hey, I did discover a floater, in the context of zero-G is *really* gross. Unfortunately for me, that was around dinner time!)
  • There maybe a good novel in there somewhere, but this is not it. I’ll keep bashing on, in the hope that I at least come up with a few good ideas that will be usable somewhere else, but I don’t think this novel is destined even for the slush pile…

Writing group tonight. Should be fun 🙂

Till next time…