Daily Info review

Oxford’s Daily Info has reviewed Wanted:

Wanted, the debut of Oxfordshire-based author Tim Arnot, is the first in a series of novels telling the story of Flick Carter. Sixteen-year-old Flick lives a simple life in the town of Faringdon, some 150 years after an unspecified apocalyptic event returned Britain to an almost entirely pre-industrial state. Flick’s world is turned upside down when she meets Shea, one of the scavengers who scour the countryside for remnants of old technology. Falling foul of the local authorities and the Kingsmen – a mysterious military organisation with a reputation for ruthless efficiency – and framed for crimes she didn’t commit, Flick is forced to go on the run.

Wanted is an exciting and enjoyable read as Flick tries desperately to stay one step ahead of her pursuers. The characters are engaging, particularly Flick herself, and the detail in the book’s locations adds a sense of realism. This is clearly an author who has done his research…

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