Cracking on…

The big news today is that the edit for Hunted is back from David Wailing. So I shall be working my way through that over the course of the next few days. I had a quick read through his report, and at least he hasn’t told me to completely rewrite the third act!

FC3 is coming on apace, all the major plot points are worked out, and the first few chapters written. Socko3 has gone on hold for the moment, although I still anticipate having the 1st draft by the end of July.

I have in my hands the proofs for the CreateSpace edition of Wanted. It’s been updated to match the current Kindle edition (which has been updated to reflect the new CreateSpace edition…) It’s still 6×9 format with the same front cover, although I raised the size of the typeface slightly (11.5pt Minion Pro, if anyone really wants to know), which has increased the page count to 311. There’s a new back cover blurb too.

Amazon have dropped the price on their last few copies of the FeedARead edition, down to £5.63 (which is basically ‘at cost’) – UK store only. Get them while you can!