Chapter Titles

Every time I do a new revision, I wonder to myself, should I have chapter titles? I kinda like books with chapter titles – it seems more friendly than simply “Chapter 1,” Chapter 2″ and so on. So it just happens that I’m working on the Second Edition release for the print paperback (it has the new cover, plus a reveal of the book 2 cover on the back, as well as interior text changes to bring it into line with the 31/8 Kindle update.) and once again, I’m thinking to myself, should I include chapter titles?
You may or may not be surprised to know that the chapters all do have titles, whether they appear in the book or not. The titles appear in my Scrivener project file, so I see them, even if no one else does. And actually that goes for the individual scenes within chapters too, and those you never would see in the final book.

Well, regardless of how I eventually decide this time, I thought it might be fun to show you the first few chapter and scene titles as they appear to me in Scrivener. They look to all intents and purposes like a Finder window (or Windows Explorer if you’re a Windows user). At the top I have a manuscript (blue), and that contains a series of folders (green), which are my chapters, and those folders contain a number of documents, which are my scenes. These scenes contain the actual text of the novel. I’ve colour coded the scenes according to which character’s Point of View (POV) we are seeing – Orange for Shea, blue for Flick, mauve for Adam.

Anyway, you can see here the scene and chapter titles that possibly no one else will ever see…