Sometimes it isn’t just bills!

The paperback proofs of First Fire have finally arrived (yay!) Actually this is the second set, since the original proofs never arrived. When I emailed them about it, CS were good enough to ship a second set on 3 day priority (they were only printed on the 22nd). So good on ya CreateSpace. 🙂

This one is actually thick enough to get a title on the spine! (it’s 100 pages & change). The ebook version is, of course, still free and exclusive to my mailing list – to sign up.

So here’s the obligatory blurry selfie…

Photo on 26-02-2015 at 08.00

Socko Paperbacks


Paperbacks have arrived from CreateSpace. Some of you will know I’ve been conducting a little face-off between CreateSpace and FeedARead. It has to be said, that so far, CreateSpace wins on all counts APART from printing and shipping of author copies (they come from the CS plant in North Carolina and consequently have very expensive shipping charges to the UK). BUT, I uploaded the books to both sites on the same day (20th Jan), CS announced it had shipped on the 24th and it arrived from the US on the 27th, meanwhile, FAR is still “sending files to our printer” and won’t even let me order a proof for another week.

Guess which one is the epic fail?

Paperback news

Wanted Cover-ebook-thIn addition to the news of being Indie Book Bargains author of the day today, I had news that the proofs are now ready for the paperback edition (360 pages, 5″ x 8″). That means, assuming everything is okay, it should start appearing on Amazon etc 2-3 weeks from giving the go ahead. Yay!!!
Let’s see if we can’t get my first month’s sales into triple figures! Buy it for only $3.99 (£2.71) from one of these sellers: