Brilliant 4★ Review

I’m really chuffed with this ★★★★☆ review from Kat Steiner on Goodreads: 😀

I really enjoyed Tim Arnot’s first book, Wanted, which features a post-apocalyptic Oxfordshire without electricity or modern technology. Instead, farming and horse-drawn carts are the order of the day, except that the carts are more often than not old non-functional cars, and there is a mysterious organisation of Scavs who scavenge and try to fix up any old tech they can find. And then there’s the sinister Kingsmen, who ‘disappear’ anyone found using tech, but nevertheless are suspected of using it themselves.

To me, the best part of this book was definitely the world-building, into which Tim has put a lot of thought and detail, and which was very engaging to explore. I’m looking forward to discovering more about it in the next in the series. The setting of a real, future, Oxfordshire, is also great, letting the imagination run riot by superimposing this bleak future onto a well-known landscape, rather than setting it on an entirely fictional Earth, or other world.

The story follows Flick (Felicity) Carter, and I enjoyed reading about an interesting, independent, growing female character. This is a young adult book, probably for 13-18 year-olds, with some violence and swearing, but nothing too graphic. I found the plot interesting, and the central relationships fun, and am really looking forward to the next one when it arrives!