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23rd Century Britain. No oil. No electricity. It’s been 150 years since The Collapse, and the Information Age has long gone. The clouds of data that once drove humanity are little more than ash, the knowledge once held in their servers lost in the mists of time. The few remaining people get by as best they can, improvising and living off the land, or scavenging through long-derelict cities for scraps and trinkets. This is the world of the Kingsmen, elite law enforcers with the power of life and death.

Sixteen year old Flick Carter has saved the life of an injured Scav. But it’s not just the Kingsmen who want to get their hands on the boy and his secrets; there are forces far more dangerous who will stop at nothing, not even murder.

For Flick, the small Oxfordshire town of Faringdon is no longer safe. Wanted for murder, and with no one left she can trust, she must run. Or die.

Note: Contains scenes of death and violence, and very occasional swearing.

98,000 words / 320 pages

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What they said:

Tim Arnot has created a believable world here and has fabricated the politics to go with it. I enjoyed the characters, feisty Flick and her younger sister Rosie; the Faringdon Watch and the Kingsmen, in particular, Jessica Dixon. There are evil characters to get your teeth into too; especially the corrupt and bullying mayor and his weak and venal thugs. We learn just enough about the mysterious Shea to want to follow his exploits and there are hints that Jessica is more than she initially seems to be. Flick is a darling! I really look forward to reading more.
★★★★★ – A reader on Amazon

During the time I was reading I was transported into the Inn, the watchtower and the dungeon such was the atmospheric descriptions drawn by this talented author. I felt the hard, damp, cold floor and smelled the odours. I could imagine the streets and carriages and even the clothing of the cast.
This for me was storytelling at it’s very best, my imagination was challenged, senses stimulated and by the end of the book the characters felt like friends. I hope I meet them again soon!
★★★★★ – A reader on Amazon

Set in a future where technology, and even electricity, are forgotten luxuries of an old past, where people are surrounded by skeletons of the long-dead Information Age, Wanted is set in what might be described as a reborn civilisation where skill and ingenuity are needed to thrive.
What’s not new in this future, are politics and corruption. Tim has drawn them superbly; and to counter the bad is an expertly created good. The people of Faringdon get by well enough, they have their Watch to protect them at the city gates, but not all evil exists outside them.
This is a wonderfully written story featuring characters like Flick who you take to immediately, and others like Dixon who you might approach with some caution. And then there’s the Mayor – a man you wouldn’t approach at all!
I loved this world, and I wouldn’t mind living in it. With that in mind, I wait eagerly for the second of Tim’s books.
★★★★★ – A reader on Amazon

A good story. Well done for a first time writer. The characters are believable and interesting. The way they cope with life in a small town in post-apocalypse England is well thought out. I look forward to more books from this author.
★★★★★ – A reader on Amazon

Interestingly the world has (in a way) gone back to its roots, incorporating a modern twist. I absolutely ADORED the idea of having horse drawn classic cars, in fact I want to own one of these myself!

I was also head over heels for Flick. Its very rare I develop a relationship with the female protagonist, but Flick was just kick ass and awesome in every way! As a matter of fact, the characters were brought to life in such a way that you couldn’t help having strong emotional ties to almost each and every one of them. For example, the mayor: he was a character you just loved to hate; he was so damn vile and twisted.
★★★★★ – A reader on Goodreads

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