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Flick Carter isn’t your average seventeen-year old. She has already failed to save Princess Jessica, and now she’s a prisoner aboard the Constance, sold into a life of slavery.

With no hope of rescue, she and the other captives will need all their reserves of strength if they are to survive the horrors of life on a slave ship.

When Flick learns the princess is still alive, and will be sold at the next port they come to, she must find a way to free her and get off the ship.

But there’s a fierce storm brewing, which threatens to sink the Constance and kill everyone aboard, and for Flick and forty chained up slaves, the plan to escape becomes a battle to survive . . .

133,000 words / 418 pages
Contains some swearing, and scenes of death and violence.

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What they said:

It goes without saying that if you’re reading this you’ve already read Wanted and Hunted. I’ve read them both and love them so this was a must-read for me. The group of characters is here broken into two and Flick Carter and her boss, Princess Jessica, AKA Lieutenant Dixon, are aboard a slave ship and their situation looks hopeless. Socko Garrett is back in his old haunts and is determined to prove that the two girls are alive. The wicked Prince Edward, Jessica’s brother, has taken over the ruling reins and put Socko on a Most Wanted list, penalty of execution and a huge reward. Things don’t look too good for him, either.

I read this book avidly and it didn’t feel as long as I know it is. We zipped about from place to place, from fear to terror, and the action never let up. We lost a few characters on the way – you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. And I can’t tell you how good it was to find out what happened to the Pantomime Villain character of Edward. I wanted to hiss and boo whenever he appeared. You can really get caught up in this story if you’re not careful!
★★★★★ – Ignite, Amazon

Stranded is the third book in the Flick Carter series and follows straight on from Hunted.

Flick, Shea and PJ find themselves trapped on a slave ship heading to foreign shores. Back in Bristol, Socko doesn’t believe the government when they say PJ (Princess Jessica) is dead and that Flick and Shea are terrorists who set off the bomb that destroyed much of the harbour at Bristol.

With nobody knowing who to trust and main characters being killed off, this is a good continuance and finale to this trilogy.

Even though the two main parties/threads of this story barely cross over, I liked both stories. Even though I think the audience for this is supposed to be younger, it had quite adult themes, whilst not being graphic about them. The descriptions of this future, yet past world kept me in the time zone and I enjoyed being there.
★★★★ – Joo, Amazon

I love these books, and I think this one is my favourite (and not just because I have a character named after me, thanks Tim!).

Post-apocalytic dystopian crime fighting has never been this cool. Flick Carter is definitely a trilogy worth checking out if you like any of those things, particularly if you’re bored of stuff set in America and/or London. This one had less for my innrer Oxford geek in terms of recognising Oxford landmarks and buildings, but I loved the gripping back-and-forth narrative and particularly the last third, which gets really tense and exciting. Not for the faint-hearted, but worth the stress!
★★★★★ – Kat Steiner, Goodreads