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Socko’s First Case

It’s Christmas Eve and there’s trouble in the capital. A body has been found in the Chapter House, and the large chest of ceremonial gold coins which the king normally distributes to the poor on Boxing Day has gone missing.

Newly-qualified Kingsman, Socko Garrett has just joined the Special Investigations unit (KSI), along with Corporal Dan Barnes. But with heightened security for the king’s visit, and their lieutenant called away for other duties, it’s up to Socko and Barnes to catch the killer and find the money, and they’ve got less than 48 hours before the king arrives…

Set after the events of First Day, and before the events of WANTED and featuring crossover characters from both WANTED and HUNTED.

11,000 words.

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What they said:

Andy `Socko’ Garrett is seventeen and a Kingsman cadet. It’s his first case and it involves stolen gold and a dead body – and it’s the king’s gold. Talk about starting at the top! With his more experienced partner Corporal Barnes, he is given the task of solving the mystery and recovering the gold in time for Boxing Day when it’s to be given to the poor. Socko started (and lasted less than a day) in the local Watch. The difference between him and the local watchmen is that he has brains!

This is a great little story set in the time of the author’s full length novel Wanted. You can read this as a stand-alone though. I thoroughly enjoy the post-apocalyptic setting when the constraints of minimum technology are in place. Excellent stuff – and I still want the second novel!
★★★★★ – A Top 500 reviewer on Amazon


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