Now that August is over and the dust has settled, lets have a quick review of the month.
There were two big events in August: first the launch of Hunted, and second the 99p promo of Wanted.


First off, Hunted was launched to some great reviews, but lacklustre sales, despite lots of promo, Facebook & Twitter campaigns. A big problem is still that the big YA blogs with lots of readers refuse to consider books by SP authors, and the little blogs that do, get very little traction. Still, it sold 30 copies and 1 borrow, which puts it on a par with Wanted in its first month. Which basically suggests very little audience growth in that time.

The two Socko shorts have been doing nothing for some considerable time – just ticking over at about 1 sale a month. But they both saw some pick up in august, selling 5 copies each, no doubt off the back of the other promotions.

Wanted saw the biggest leap, selling 83 copies (didn’t quite make the big 100). I ran three paid promotions: The Fussy Librarian, which cost just $5, but only made $2.40. A KUF ad which cost £8 and made nothing, and an EReader News Today ad, which cost $15 and made $19
Sadly there were two returns for refund.

So, a number of firsts and personal bests:
-First month in 2014 with more than single-digit sales
-First ad that paid for itself
-First time in a US chart (#68 in Dystopian)
-Highest overall US ranking (#7601)
-Most books sold in a single month (123)
-Most copies of a single book sold in a single month (83)
-Most books sold in a single day (34)
-Most books sold in a weekend (46)
-First month over $100

Interestingly, August was the best month in 2013 too.