Another Compo Winning Entry of Awesomeness

UKAKF’s writing contest #10:

A huge floating duck has been released in Sydney harbour this week, and a comet is due to enter the solar system later this year, one that will, hopefully, be brighter than the moon in the night sky when it passes near. (sources from BBC and Guardian websites). Is the duck a homing beacon for the comet?

Write a 200 word sci-fi story linking the duck’s appearance and the comet approaching! 

Which I won with the following entry (yay!!!)


The barman at the Duck and Comet was worried: One of his ducks was missing. As a keen astronomer, he’d been looking forward to seeing the approaching comet for months. And the five giant yellow iDucks had seemed like a brilliant marketing idea: Watch the comet from your own floating duck and minibar. Each duck was fitted with a small pump-jet engine and an onboard computer that linked to a GPS for guidance. Four ducks were tied up at the quayside, but where was number five?

A phone call to Geoff at iDuck Support produced instructions: Run FindMyDuckHD. The barman installed the app onto his iPad and launched it. The familiar maps interface appeared to show a location that was either Tyneside or… Sydney?

Just then the phone rang. ‘I think I have a lead on your missing duck,’ Geoff said, ‘turn on the TV news!’

He did, and could clearly see his duck. It really was in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Only now it was hovering above the water, and a brilliant green ray of light shot up from it into the sky. He was about to open his mouth when every screen in the world went blank.

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