`Wanted' was chosen for an online book group that I'm a member of. Without this, I suspect I wouldn't have come across this novel which would have been a shame as I found it to be utterly gripping.

The plot is summarised in detail in other reviews so I'm not going to say too much here, suffice to say it contains all the elements of a great young adult adventure. You have romance, political intrigue and fast paced action set against a wonderful backdrop of a 23rd century Britain where what few people are left live off the land or scavenge in the derelict cities.

The characterisation is strong with 16 year old Flick Carter in particular standing out. The Villain of the piece, a corrupt local mayor is suitably creepy and I enjoyed the idea of `The Kingsmen' an elite law-enforcement organisation with the power of life and death over the other citizens.

The books has a great ending with lots being left open for book 2, which can't come soon enough for me.

S. Morris (Top 500 Reviewer)