November 2015

STRANDED Cover Reveal!


Here it is at last–the cover for Flick Carter Book 3: STRANDED.


Flick Carter isn’t your average seventeen-year old. She has already failed to save Princess Jessica, and now she’s a prisoner aboard the Constance, sold into a life of slavery.

With no hope of rescue, she and the other captives will need all their reserves of strength if they are to survive the horrors of life on a slave ship.

When Flick learns the princess is still alive, and will be sold at the next port they come to, she must find a way to free her and get off the ship.

But there’s a fierce storm brewing, which threatens to sink the Constance and kill everyone aboard, and for Flick and forty chained up slaves, the plan to escape becomes a battle to survive . . .

Flick Carter Book 3: STRANDED will be available in December. Click the button below to be the first with news of launch deals and a sneak peek at the opening chapters, as well as  an exclusive free ebook of  the 100 page spinoff novella, Socko’s First Fire.