December 2013

Happy Christmas!

Kingsmen Socko Garrett and Dan Barnes would like to wish all you people living at the start of the Dark Times a very happy Christmas, and, well if there had been any history books that survived, he’d know if it was a prosperous new year.

Just a friendly reminder: A dog is for life, but a hard drive is only good till the power’s gone.



Socko’s First Case is available now from Amazon.

Socko’s First Case

Socko’s First Case

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It’s Christmas Eve and there’s trouble in the capital. A body has been found in the Chapter House, and the large chest of ceremonial gold coins which the king normally distributes to the poor on Boxing Day has gone missing.

Newly-qualified Kingsman, Socko Garrett has just joined the Special Investigations unit (KSI), along with Corporal Dan Barnes. But with heightened security for the king’s visit, and their lieutenant called away for other duties, it’s up to Socko and Barnes to catch the killer and find the money, and they’ve got less than 48 hours before the king arrives…

Set before the events of WANTED and featuring crossover characters from both WANTED and HUNTED. Available 21.12.2013