Gunpowder Treason & Plot . . .


Inspired, I reckon, since it’s Guy Fawkes, and the old rhyme fits Hunted just perfectly. And because it’s the season for blowing stuff up (in a safe, “light the blue touch paper and retire” kind of way ;)), Hunted is just 99p (or 99c if that’s your currency) across all platforms for the next few days. No guarantee of when it’ll go back to normal, so get it quickly!

Not only that, but I’m taking part in yet another big promotion, this weekend, so you can get Hunted and over a hundred other sci-fi/fantasy books for 99p (or 99c, you get the idea…) each. Just follow the link:

STRANDED Cover Reveal!


Here it is at last–the cover for Flick Carter Book 3: STRANDED.


Flick Carter isn’t your average seventeen-year old. She has already failed to save Princess Jessica, and now she’s a prisoner aboard the Constance, sold into a life of slavery.

With no hope of rescue, she and the other captives will need all their reserves of strength if they are to survive the horrors of life on a slave ship.

When Flick learns the princess is still alive, and will be sold at the next port they come to, she must find a way to free her and get off the ship.

But there’s a fierce storm brewing, which threatens to sink the Constance and kill everyone aboard, and for Flick and forty chained up slaves, the plan to escape becomes a battle to survive . . .

Flick Carter Book 3: STRANDED will be available in December. Click the button below to be the first with news of launch deals and a sneak peek at the opening chapters, as well as  an exclusive free ebook of  the 100 page spinoff novella, Socko’s First Fire.

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Work In Progress Blog Tour

I’ve been invited by Andy Barrett to take part in a Work In Progress (WIP) blog tour. Andy is a real life CSI (or SOCO – Scenes Of Crime Officer – as they used to be called). Andy provided brilliant expert advice when I came to write my first major crime scene, and it’s no coincidence that my investigator character, Socko Garrett, has a very similar name. Andy is also a writer of outstanding gritty crime fiction. Please take a look at his blog, and his Amazon page.

There are three rules for this blog tour:

1. Link back to the post of the person who nominated you.
2. Write a little about and give the first sentence of the first three chapters of your current WIP
3. Nominate some other writers to do the same.

I have two WIPs on the go. One is Socko’s Keble Caper. This is the fourth spinoff Socko novella. A body has been found inside the top secret Keble Compound research facility. It’s an apparent suicide, but who is it? How did they get into the secure compound? And why?

Keble Compound was introduced in Socko’s First Fire (free and currently exclusive to members of my mailing list – see sidebar), and I’m sure it’ll crop up again!

The other WIP is Flick Carter book 3, currently called “Redacted” (because I’ve crossed out the title so many times!).

CAUTION! Here be spoilers for the end of Hunted!

Sometimes it isn’t just bills!

The paperback proofs of First Fire have finally arrived (yay!) Actually this is the second set, since the original proofs never arrived. When I emailed them about it, CS were good enough to ship a second set on 3 day priority (they were only printed on the 22nd). So good on ya CreateSpace. 🙂

This one is actually thick enough to get a title on the spine! (it’s 100 pages & change). The ebook version is, of course, still free and exclusive to my mailing list – to sign up.

So here’s the obligatory blurry selfie…

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